We invite advanced students and young researchers to participate in the International Social Network Analysis Summer School organized by Lab for Applied Network Research (ANR) and Sociology of Education and Science Lab (SESL) of Higher School of Economics, Russia. The working language of the Summer School is English.

Social network analysis focuses on relationships between social entities. It is used widely in the social and behavioral sciences, as well as in political science, economics, organizational science, and industrial engineering. The social network perspective has been developed over the last sixty years by researchers in psychology, sociology, and anthropology. The social network paradigm is gaining recognition and standing in the general social and behavioral science communities as the theoretical basis for examining social structures. This basis has been clearly defined by many theorists, and the paradigm convincingly applied to important substantive problems. However, the paradigm requires a new and different set of concepts and analytic tools, beyond those provided by standard quantitative (particularly, statistical) methods. More...


Deadline for applications was at May 25, 2014.
Final decisions - May 31, 2014.